Brittle Paper: Eritrean-Ethiopian Author Donica Merhazion Set to Publish Debut Novel About 1970s Ethiopian Red Terror

Eritrean-Ethiopian author Donica Merhazion is set to publish her debut novel titled Born at the End of the World with Catalyst Press set in Ethiopia in the 1970s. Inspired by a true story during the 1970s Ethiopian Red Terror, the book explores the intertwining of a man’s and woman’s destinies, whose love, courage, and resilience demonstrate that […]

Brittle Paper: Nouns | Isaiah Adepoju | Fiction

  I. His side of the bed was hot. The other side felt cold. The old man looked through the window. It was night. The aureole of street lamps partitioned the purple of heaven from the grey of shed houses. Darkness obscured the canals. Canaries tweeted in the graveyard. It seemed a time the universe […]