Brittle Paper: Nouns | Isaiah Adepoju | Fiction

  I. His side of the bed was hot. The other side felt cold. The old man looked through the window. It was night. The aureole of street lamps partitioned the purple of heaven from the grey of shed houses. Darkness obscured the canals. Canaries tweeted in the graveyard. It seemed a time the universe […]

Brittle Paper: Neighbours | Mifa Adejumo | Fiction

  “Hey!” “Hi,” she greeted with a forced smile. She smarmed her hair down and took a seat next to him. They were seated by her door, at the opening with an elevated concrete slab that one had to step on to before standing in front of her apartment. “So, how have you been?” he […]

Brittle Paper: Symmetry (OCD) | Mercy Shone | Fiction

Brittle Paper: Symmetry (OCD) | Mercy Shone | Fiction

  It’s always been about symmetry for you. Equal halves, even numbers, pairs. Everything that could be evenly split, anything that wasn’t odd or didn’t mess with the system, your system. The system you had created in your head that pretty much determined how your entire life was run. It was difficult at first, having […]